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Superyacht Tenders & Toys Adds Yacht Carbon Offset


Sea-doo ergolock system

Blazing speed, sharp turns and top-line acceleration — how to corral all that power without getting tossed in the drink? Sea-Doo’s Ergolock system uses the body’s own shape and size (or “ergonomics”) to anchor (or “lock”) you onto your personal watercraft.
From the molded saddle to the adjustable handlebars, Ergolock puts safety in the rider’s seat.

Flex Wakeboard

The Byerly Buck Flex Wakeboard is built to catch major air off the back of the boat.

Byerly, which has been a trusted name in the wakeboard world for more than a decade, has released the new Buck Flex Wakeboard.
As the company puts it, in-house designers “found the Buck had more to offer than just boosting off wakes. Lay it up with some flex and incorporate our Perimiter CoEx Sidewall, and you have a durable shred for the cable.” Translation? The kids and grandkids will find the board to be twice as strong as a lot of others on the market, and you’ll enjoy the easy stowage that comes with this thin, lightweight design.

Retail price: $749 for the 56Ð-inch model with clutch close toe boot.

If you are planning on chartering a superyacht then water toys are all part of the package. In recent years the “toy boxes” on luxury yachts have become increasingly varied and exotic.

Whether your preference is for the speed of a jet ski or the more sedate pleasure of snorkeling among tropical fish, there is a water toy to delight every charter guest.

Personal watercraft

Personal watercrafts — known as PWCs — are ubiquitous with a luxury yacht charter. Easy to learn how to ride, the PWC is like a waterborne motorcycle, but far safer. Fall off a PWC, and you just get a dunking. Most are designed to carry two or three passengers and can allow family members to zip around together for wet fun.


A mega-yacht charter is likely to include a selection of inflatables that can be towed behind the tender. The banana boat is popular, allowing several guests to ride this bouncing, splashy tube that is the nautical version of a bucking bronco.


Some yachts have inflatable versions of a water slide, allowing guests to zip from an upper deck into the water. There are even charter versions of zip lines, which take guests from the top deck to a splashdown far from the yacht.

Snorkelling gear

Charter yachts should have masks and fins in all sizes and shapes. Many yachting destinations feature fabulous snorkelling and being on yacht means that you can access to some of the world’s most exclusive reefs.

Scuba diving equipment

If you have experience and the appropriate certificates many yachts have a full complement of scuba diving gear aboard. Others may offer rendez-vous diving, where a local scuba company meets with the yacht and leads guests on an underwater adventure.

Wakeboard sand water-skis

Whether you are an experienced water-skier or an absolute novice, charter yachts often have tenders that are perfect for everything from carving a slalom on glassy water to helping you get on your feet for the first time.


A new underwater toy now found aboard some charter yachts is the Seabob. It is a James- Bond style water sled that tows the swimmer, above or below the water, without requiring swim fins or effort.

An amphibious jeep

At the more exotic end of the water toy spectrum, some expedition yachts carry a luxury version of an amphibious jeep, allowing guests to get to shore and then explore islands where there may be no other automobiles.


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