Superyachts have long been synonymous with fuel burning and un-environmentally friendly materials, putting our vast oceans, their marine life and the surrounding shores in peril. However, times are changing and with younger owners being more in tune with the climate change around us,  the yachting industry is beginning to witness a new revolution of sustainable yachting. From innovative designs to the integration of solar power and recycled materials – here are the five most eco-friendly superyachts, which prove that sustainability and luxury on the ocean can go hand in hand.


Meet Savannah – a 83.5 metre Feadship green machine launched in 2015. The Dutch masterpiece is the world’s first hybrid superyacht with the unique seafoam exterior and Breathe propulsion system – allowing for five different operation modes from diesel and diesel-electric combinations to fully electric. Her dynamic hull shape and steep entrance angle ensures that Savannah remains highly efficient even in diesel mode, with 30% lower fuel consumption than her contemporaries. Apart from her eco-conciseness, the guests will be captivated with Savannah’s stunning design elements, such as her video walls, modern art collection and unrivaled large windows that offer breathtaking views of the charter destination. The yacht also features an underwater viewing lounge, which allows guests to view the underwater world while enjoying the luxuries of the yacht; it’s the first ever of its kind. After a day on the water, this area can be converted into a theater for a cinematic experience.


The 106.7 metre Black Pearl by Oceanco is currently the world’s most advanced superyacht, offering true zero-emissions cruising, which is unrivalled by any existing boat of her scope and size. Her owner wanted to build a “zero impact” yacht, which would prove the possibility to not be dependent on consuming natural resources. This mission was clearly accomplished, resulting in a purebred yacht powered by the natural resource of the wind and capable of crossing the Atlantic without a single drop of fuel. Her advanced and extremely efficient DynaRig sails can be easily operated by one person using push-button controls and allow Black Pearl to save energy literally at every turn. Innovative hybrid propulsion system recovers kinetic energy under sail to store it on board and use it to power the entire household load, which means the generators can be switched off under sail. Black Pearl also offers only reusable water bottles on board to prevent needles waste from being created. Her accommodations include a master suite, two VIP suites, two double guest cabins and a full beam beach club, that converts into a cinema. There’s an all glass lift to take you between decks too, Willy Wonka would be proud.


This world’s largest superyacht was designed to save the ocean. The 183m (600ft) REV Ocean by Vard from Norway will be used as both a research vessel and charter yacht, taking up to 55 scientists and marine researchers around the world, allowing them to gather vital information about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, plastic pollution and unsustainable fishing to preserve the sea. The boat will be outfitted with all manner of scientific gear and equipment, including research labs, sonar systems, a moon pool, classrooms, an auditorium and a remotely operated robot capable of diving to depths of up to 20,000 feet ( 3.7 miles). Each day, this extraordinary superyacht will be able to scoop up around 5 tons of plastic.  During charters, the boat will also be able to accommodate up to 54 crew members and 28 guests “seeking to improve their awareness of the ocean.”


The 42.5m trimaran ADASTRA is truly an eco-friendly superyacht from the future! She was launched by McConaghy Boats in 2012 and can be considered one of the most incredible and eye-catching superyachts in the world. The unusual trimaran style design reflects the sporting passion of her owner. One of her main objectives is low fuel consumption, which was achieved thanks to her long, narrow, and incredibly lightweight hull. Even the toilets, ports and ladders have been built from carbon fibre, so no additional weight was added. This fuel efficiency is not only green but also drastically increases her speed and cruising range. In fact, ADASTRA is capable to cruise nearly halfway around the world without having to refuel.


Made from plastic bottles and recycled aluminium, the newest 85ft long-range explorer Project Ocean by Arksen is about to turn one man’s trash into another man’s ocean adventure. The green features include the lightweight recycled aluminum Hydro incorporated in the hull and superstructure, solar panels and full hybrid propulsion. The sustainability is also reflected in her interior that features luxurious furnishings covered with fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Besides, no destination is off-limits thanks to the high maximum range and ability to operate off-grid.




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