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If you haven’t joined the Monaco Yacht Show before, you’re in for a treat it’s the world’s top superyacht show. It attracts people from all walks of life, from young buyers getting involved into the superyacht market for the first time, to seasoned professionals and enthusiasts.  Since the Show has developed into the world’s top superyacht event the Monaco- based yachting business has thrived into what we know it is today.

As the MYS is getting closer and closer, we would like to inform you of a few main highlights that will be taking place during this event.

The first panel will present some very well-known and respected CEO’s from superyacht brokerage houses. The panel will discuss and include a various number of topics ranging from chartering, buying, building and operating of superyachts and aims to cover every aspect and have answers to all your questions.

The second topic is all about the Charter, and it’s a good experience for clients to see and know more about charter brokers, managers, and yacht crew. The most interesting session will be showing the key on how to deliver a successful charter. Also included in this panel, will be topics such as shipyard, project management, legal expertise and naval architecture, etc. Last but not least is to have a thorough concept for a yacht case study highlighting the creativity from the initial design to delivery.



The evolution of monaco yacht show

Contrary to the prestigious yachting show we have nowadays in Monaco, The MYS started as a humble meeting place for yacht owners and brokers alike. With the location being a major advantage, Herculean for both its location, in Port Hercules, and its ability to pack even more superyachts into a compact harbour, taking this into consideration Monaco has played one of the most important roles for the industry and leisure of superyachts.

Unlike the past where you might have to search for a suitable yacht in the USA, wealthy visitors are flocking to Monaco from all over the world to be able to see the best and largest superyacht, including the finest luxury cars just like in 2016 which had a Car Deck added to a superyacht for exhibiting.

Since 2016, the Show invited its high-end visitors and scheduled their stay in order to attend the Monaco Yacht Summit. In 2008, the MYS had conquered their difficulty by investing and upgrading the show when the global recession hit. It has contributed to the fact that by 2011 more than 100 superyachts attended MYS and we welcomed plenty of 80metre plus, yachts in the port in 2015.

The MYS has completely transformed into a distinguished event among the world, you absolutely won’t be disappointed no matter if you are looking for luxurious yachts or latest tenders & toys.



It’s us, Royal Yacht Brokers.



What makes the Royal Yacht Brokers service differ from others?

Our program offers complete technical and administrative operational management to the highest possible standards keeping costs under control. Experience in the market allows us to cut the yearly expenses of the yacht more efficiently than any other institutional management company.

• “Boutique management”: couturier management tailored to your needs.

•  Crew management and supervision to comply with STWC 95 or state requirements. Technical management that maintains your vessel to the highest possible standards.

•  Commercial management for all the sales & brokerage operations (i.e. chartering services and revenues, negotiations, sale agreements, etc.).

• ISM & ISPS management to make your yacht compliant with relevant legislation.

• We guarantee full management for each of our services, making your sailing experience as smooth as possible.

We have an identifiable service and most importantly we’d love to bring the beautiful sunshine into your life as we are based worldwide.


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