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Royal Yacht International are pleased to offer a portfolio of luxury cruise liners for entirely private vessel charters. We are also experts in the brokerage of cruise liners for sale, get in touch with us to find out more.

The Growing Demand For A luxury cruise line

We have noted a growing global demand in the cruise industry as well as a steady growth in passenger numbers. So far the industry has developed through cruise specific brands rather than globally recognised hospitality brands.


The Need For New Experiences

Luxury travel tourism has expanded at twice the rate of the overall tourism market and the luxury traveler spends 6 times more than the average traveler. However, having now visited the most luxurious destinations worldwide, they are now yearning to discover the untouched and unexplored.

Experts in experiences

In collaboration with our expert experiences partners, we will work together to curate sensational signature experiences across the board. Choosing from a variety of professional leaders in destination management, RY will put together a strong team of specialists to join forces in creating turnkey experiences and itineraries adapted to each individual guest demographic.

RYB will use their vessels and investments to survey the build of the cultural experiences as well as the costs incurred with their reliable team of experts to build tailor made experiences across the entire Red Sea on sea as well as ashore.

RYB experiences will exceed expectations every time.

Cruise passengers all around the world

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