In late 2020, Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio surprised the world with one of the most daring and innovative design. Translating to “vanguard” in English, the 137m megayacht concept reminds a gigantic swan thanks to its unusual feature – a detachable “head” that functions as a control tower to manoeuvre the superyacht. Due to an extendable crane/bridge positioned in the bow, the “head” can be lowered down to the center of the vessel while it’s in motion. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the “head” is detachable from the “neck” and can be transformed into a completely separate 16-metre boat, while the top part of the superyacht is then transformed into an auxiliary control tower. The rest of the yacht is divided into five main decks, with the rear deck incorporating a personal port for two jet capsules, which can be attached to the structure of the vessel to become an auxiliary source of propulsion. With two onboard helicopters and two helicopter hangars, Avanguardia is currently just a “stylistic exercise” patiently waiting for the buyer willing to put up to the $500,000,000 required to build her.


This giant 200m futuristic style catamaran by Beiderbeck Designs is about to bring the revolution in the industry with the proposed use of methanol propulsion and pioneering geothermal technology onboard. Up to 38 guests will be able to enjoy standout key features including a fold-down restaurant, vast harbour area with an 80 metre pier , a 500 square metre swimming pool, an amphitheatre-style outdoor cinema with a retractable roof and the reassuring integration of an onboard hospital and helipad. Project Galileo² will also offer a fully equipped marina with the storage for up to 25 tenders, submersibles and toys. As for the crew, there’s space for up to 75 members of staff.


How about an idyllic and dreamy tropical island getaway – but on a yacht? The 90m Tropical Island Paradise created by the team at Yacht Island Design is the first concept ever to represent an almost identical copy of the secluded islands of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia. The huge exterior of the yacht was designed to give the impression of waves breaking around a volcanic island and hides large aft deck with helicopter landing pad and large fold-down beach club area. On the main deck you will find a private beach cove with a voluminous ocean view swimming pool, private cabanas and a bar nestled between palm trees. But the standout feature is the volcano with a waterfall cascading down into the swimming pool. The two-deck suite of the lucky owner is cut into the side of the volcano, with a private spa and balcony offering views out across the bow from behind the waterfall. The remaining cabins include four VIP suites for a total of 10 guests featuring private balconies and direct access up into the main deck cabanas. Not to mention a cinema, library, fully equipped spa, games room and gym – a dream come true for private island owners who always wished to bring their island home with them.


Passionate about minimalism and sustainability? Then you will surely fall in love with the ultra modern 120m superyacht concept Project L by the French designer Thierry Gaugain. Her practical and breathtaking exterior design was inspired by the “smooth form of a beach pebble” and features a one-way glass reflecting the seascape. Project L can be fully opened for a direct connection to the ocean, allowing lots of natural light to flood in.  Her lighting system will mirror the hue of natural light as the day passes, promoting wellness and calm on board. In order to glide smoothly and silently through the water, she will be powered by a sustainable diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system and high capacity waste management system to support her autonomy. A maximum of 36 guests will be able to enjoy unique futuristic features such as high-tech underwater media room,  submarine escape pod as well as indoor and outdoor cinema. At the stern, her beach club will be a large panel that extends out to create a seawater swimming pool. She’ll also have a freshwater pool on her upper deck, found in its own oasis of quiet and privacy.


The radical yacht concept shaped like the top half of a star was designed by the Italian firm Lobanov Design in collaboration with naval architecture from BMT Nigel Gee. She is really meant to push the boundaries of contemporary yacht design – the 132 metre Star is taller than many yachts are long, measuring nearly 60 metres from the water to the top of the point. The sky high observation platform will allow a visibility range of 12.4 miles and will unlock exceptional views not yet conquered by any other yacht in the world. Star features a minimalist, symmetrical design, with a white hull and superstructure marked by an intricate, snowflake-like pattern of irregularly shaped windows—an effect made even more striking when the yacht is lit up at night. The forward and aft sections slope gently and then steeply up toward the exhaust stack amidships. The yacht’s interior guest areas consist of 37,674 square feet of space spread across eight decks that are accessed via four elevators in its central spire. The yacht can sleep as many as 36 guests in its 18 cabins, though it is able to accommodate more than 200 passengers at one time.




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