Prepare to get carried away by these astonishing vessels with posh amenities galore. From merely enormous to humongous, these are the world’s largest yachts in 2021.



Apart from the yacht’s size, which will see her top the LOA of the world’s current largest superyacht Azzam by 2 metres, its purpose is also considered to be the most unique –  REV was designed to save the ocean.  The 183m (600ft) REV Ocean by Vard from Norway will be used as both a research vessel and charter yacht, taking up to 55 scientists around the world, allowing them to gather vital information about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, plastic pollution and unsustainable fishing to preserve the sea. The boat will be outfitted with all manner of scientific gear and equipment, including research labs, sonar systems, a moon pool, classrooms, an auditorium, submarines and a remotely operated robot capable of diving to depths of up to 20,000 feet ( 3.7 miles). During charters, the boat will also be able to accommodate up to 54 crew members and 28 guests “seeking to improve their awareness of the ocean.



LURSSEN YACHTS/2013/180m/590ft

M/Y Azzam, is currently the longest giga-yacht in the world at 180 metres, soon to be dethroned by REV Ocean. Azzam’s technical engineering was developed by Lurssen, her exterior design by Nauta Yachts and her interior styling by Christophe Leoni, creating what is, undoubtedly, the most challenging and complex yacht ever built, in terms of her technology, dimensions and performance. Her timeless and innovative design allows her to travel at incredibly high speed over 30 knots even in warm and shallow waters. On top of that, she also adds another record in regards to building time having spent a mere three years in build following one year of engineering. Unfortunately, Lürssen could never really boast about Azzam after its launch in 2013 because of the penchant for privacy of the owner, the royal family of Abu Dhabi. The limited information reveals that guests can stay fit by using the onboard gym, pool or practising their swing in a special ‘golf training room. The furniture on board features intricate marquetry in mother of pearl – such a wealth that it equates to a year’s worth of worldwide production. Azzam truly represents a milestone in not only Lurssen’s history but yachting history as well.



MARIOTTI YACHTS/2016/164m/538.1ft

The custom-built Fulk Al Salamah was assembled by Mariotti in Genoa, Italy, and is the world’s third-largest superyacht. The imposing vessel has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement, however it is believed to belong to the Omani Royal Fleet. Nonetheless, aerial photography shows an impressively large helideck, raked masts and a bathing platform. Notable amenities also include a beauty salon, beach club, and conference facilities, and it requires 130 crew members for optimal ventures.



This sleek yacht belongs to Roman Abramovich, billionaire businessman, politician, and owner of the Chelsea Football Club. Eclipse took 5 years to complete and at her launch in 2010, her unprecedented size had ensured her construction had been shrouded in secrecy. This giant yacht is believed to accommodate 36 guests in 17 staterooms and a palatial master suite and also has a capacity to carry staggering 85 crew members. Amongst the armada of lavish extras thought to be onboard are a three-man leisure submarine, two swimming pools, one of which is 16-metres long with an adjustable depth feature that allows it to be converted into a dance floor. Other extras include an exterior fireplace and six tenders as well as accommodation for three helicopters.


LURSSEN YACHTS/2016/156m/512ft

Originally known as “Project Omar”, superyacht Dilbar was launched in 2016 after over 4 years of construction and is one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology. Dilbar is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov and at 15,917 tons, it is considered the largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage and interior volume. The owner named this masterpiece after his mother and its preciousness is reflected in rare and exclusive luxury materials used throughout the yacht’ spectacular interior. Capable of accommodating 40 guests and 80 crew members, Dilbar also features entertainment and recreation spaces never before seen on a yacht. These include a 25-meter swimming pool that holds an incredible 180 m³ of water, the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht as well as sauna and massage room, movie theater, and underwater lights.



No superyacht list would be complete without the mention of the ever-controversial and highly innovative Sailing Yacht A. Officially classified as a sail-assisted motor yacht, Sailing Yacht A blends elements of both the sailing yacht and motor yacht segments and 3 years after her launch she still remains the world’s largest sailing yacht. At 12,558 GT, S/Y A is also five times larger than any yacht in her category. The futuristic look of sailing yacht A includes smooth, silver-metallic surfaces and windows that look nearly invisible, three composite masts that bend slightly, and a deck hidden by high bulwarks. The mainmast towers 100 m above the waterline, making her also the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. Although Starck’s interior still remains a secret, the boat reportedly has an underwater viewing platform in the keel.




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