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World Ambitious Superyacht Jazz

World’s Most Ambitious Superyacht Concepts


Measuring 190 metres LOA, L’Amage is a super-size concept that dwarfs even 180 metre Azzam, which is currently the world’s largest yacht. Designed by HBD Studios, this mammoth yacht would feature accommodation for 30 guests split across 15 cabins, while the crew quarters would house a staff of 70.
L’Amage’s superyacht helipad is situated right up on the prow and is flanked by two wings that contain cutting-edge flat satellite panels from Kymeta and navigation lights. Back aft, the beach club features an outdoor fire pit and an extending transom with three sliding piers. Power would come from an MTU CODAG propulsion system for a top speed of 32 knots and a maximum cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles.

ambitious superyacht amage

Project L 

Superyacht concepts come in all shapes and sizes, from evolutionary designs that subtly push the envelope to much more radical ideas that boldly challenge the orthodoxy. We round up some of the most out-there ideas from around the world…
Fresh from the boards of French designer Thierry Gaugain is the “ultra-modern” 120 metre superyacht concept Project L. Inspired by the “smooth form of a beach pebble”, Project L can be fully opened for a direct connection to the ocean. Powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package, Project L is designed to “glide” through the water. Futuristic features include the likes of a high-tech underwater media room, drive-in tender garage and submarine escape pod.


ambitious superyacht project L


The largest design yet from husband and wife team Demetrius and Dana Tanase (aka Expleo Design), 110 metre Elyon has a simple yet ambitious motto: “Aim for the highest”. This approach is reflected in the concept’s multitude of on-board features, with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, gym and wellness area, and even a casino room.
The striking exterior was inspired by calm waves and features a dramatically sloped reverse bow. Accommodation is for up to 30 guests and the hull has been designed to achieve a top speed of 18 knots.
ambitious superyacht elyon

Wind Motion

French naval architect Mathis Rühl has released a new 70 metre trimaran superyacht concept called Wind Motion. As with his previous R77 sailing yacht concept, the key innovation lies in the rig, which features a multiple rotating twin wingmast fitted with foldable sails. Fully automated, this system would provide the yacht’s main propulsion even in medium wind conditions.
Unlike the R77, Wind Motion features a central pivot point that supports two spars, reducing weight and vibrations, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency and freeing up more deck space. What’s more, Rühl explains that the rig could be fitted with wind turbines that would charge the yacht’s batteries when resting at anchor.
Functionality aside, Wind Motion boasts a striking aesthetic with a reverse-angled wave-piercing prow and a curved superstructure inlaid with glass panels. Al fresco relaxation options are plentiful with space for sunloungers on both the foredeck and the aft deck, while the superyacht sundeck features a central skylounge surrounded by teak. Further details are being kept under wraps for now with no word on the internal layout, engine installation or total guest capacity.

ambitious superyacht wind motion


Expleo Design’s debut concept, the 100 metre Intimisea places a strong emphasis on wide-open spaces. This can be seen in the sprawling aft deck with its huge swimming pool, which can be accessed directly from the upper deck via four slides.
Other standout features include a foredeck helipad, owner’s deck, gym, 45-person cinema and even an on-board casino. Accommodation is for 12 guests and 25 crewmembers, while the hull has been designed around a cruising speed of 16 knots.

World Ambitious Superyacht Intimisea


Inspired by Middle Eastern culture and modern architecture, the 87 metre neWWave shatters convention with its flowing aluminium superstructure. Designer Jaehoon Ahn penned this radical exterior, which creates interesting shadows, both on deck and in the internal spaces, which benefit from 3.6 metres of headroom for a total volume of 3,600GT.
The visual blurring of the decks is carried through to the layout, with a dedicated prayer room, which would benefit from eight metres of headroom, spanning the lower two decks, and a multi-level owner’s suite that makes use of the top two decks.
Other key features include four large aft decks with a ten metre aft deck swimming pool, fire pit, al fresco dining area and spa pool. The propulsion system is undisclosed at this stage, but neWWave’s Palmer Johnson-inspired hull has been designed to achieve a top speed of 16 knots.


Created by Ricky Smith as a statement of progressive superyacht design, Era is an 80 metre concept that immediately catches the eye with its dramatic reverse bow, stacked foredeck superstructure and flowing, organic lines. Stuart Friezer Marine Naval Architects developed the underwater profile, which has been tank tested at Shanghai University, suggesting a top speed of 25 knots would be possible.
Accommodation is for 20 guests and 24 crew, and key features include a superyacht beach club, a main deck swimming pool, and a side-loading tender garage. Meanwhile, the upper deck superyacht helipad makes full use of Era’s 13 metre beam, meaning a Bell 427 or a Eurocopter EC145 could be carried with ease.

World Ambitious Superyacht Era


Inspired by the growing trend for spectacular superyacht pools, Shaddaiis a 150 metre concept by Gabriele Teruzzi that gives the owner the best view in the house.
The dramatic superstructure includes a master suite and 105 square metre beach club suspended 38 metres above the main aft deck. And with such a commanding position, it’s easy to see why the concept has been named after the Hebrew word for omnipotence.

World Ambitious Superyacht Shaddai


Architect Zaha Hadid is well known for jazzing things up. Among a family of concepts developed for Blohm+Voss is a 90 metre concept she named Jazz. Structural supports have been moved outward to open up the interior to palatial spaces.
This thought-provoking design pushes the interaction between inside and outside to the extreme, and the fluid form recalls the shapes of marine creatures.
This prototype is applicable in a variety of pre-engineered platforms using as much or as little of the concept’s principles as desired. The external supports free up the interior for huge, unbroken spaces, a principle that Hadid has applied in many of her building towers.
World Ambitious Superyacht Jazz
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