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Sample Charter Itinerary in the British Virgin Islands

Day 1


Your mesmerizing journey will begin in the peaceful Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. This is the epitome of a picture-perfect Caribbean beach with a busy village just a short walk away, several wonderful restaurants, shops and bars, each with their own unique island character. Stop at the Sugar Mill restaurant for a flavorful lunch by the sea and enjoy the mild sun on the Long Bay Beach.
In the evening, head to the Callwood Rum Distillery to try locally produced liquor and end your day by having a superb meal at the nearby restaurants as the sun sets into the sea.

Day 2


On the island of Jost Van Dyke, be sure to visit the white sand beaches and swaying palm trees of White Bay. Ashore, Jost Van Dyke offers some of the best places to enjoy the local seafood, including jerk shrimp, seafood pasta and some of the world’s best lobster.
For your second evening onboard, visit Foxy’s Bar & Restaurant, not only for the entertainment but also the food. With a menu featuring BBQ chicken, ribs, mahi-mahi, and Foxy himself entertaining his guests and serenading the clientele with his guitar, this will certainly be an evening to remember.

Day 3


On the third day of your yacht charter, walk around the village by Soper’s Hole and explore the selection of local boutiques, jewelry stores, and gift shops. Follow the wafting aromas of an authentic island BBQ and enjoy your lunch at the Jolly Roger Inn.
Supposedly the source of inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel “Treasure Island”, your next stop is Norman Island. Here, visit the world famous “Caves”, a tremendous snorkeling spot where you can venture deep into numerous caves.
Later you can have an entertaining evening aboard the infamous Willy T’s, an old Baltic Trader, which has been converted into a floating bar and restaurant. Enjoy dinner here and then dance the night away in style.

Day 4


Anchor in Dead Man’s Bay on Peter Island, renowned for its gorgeous white sand beach. Enjoy a refreshing swim or go snorkeling and explore the sea grass beds right below the yacht. If you are lucky, you may even come across a sea turtle or two, so remember to keep your eyes open. Naturally timid, sea turtles tend to keep their distance so best not to try to get too close.
In the afternoon and evening, enjoy a casual stroll along the beach and finish with a lovely meal at the Peter Island Resort which has one of the best restaurants on the island.

Day 5


The fifth day of your journey is dedicated to two of the smaller islands of the archipelago: Salt and Cooper Island.
On the south-western tip of Salt Island, you will find the legendary diving spot called the Wreck of the Rhone. Rewind to nearly 150 years ago, when a Royal Mail Ship heading from Southampton to the Caribbean was hit by a devastating storm and sunk, leaving behind this fascinating time capsule. Today you can explore the remaining skeleton surrounded by crystal clear waters and new species of playful fish and colorful corals.
Continue to Cooper Island to find the family owned eco-resort. Here, you can spend the afternoon browsing charming boutiques, coffee shops or even treat yourself to a massage at the Solé Spa.

Day 6


Your sixth day will begin shortly after breakfast on board, passing by the privately owned Ginger Island which rises gracefully from the sea, surrounded by luscious mangroves.
Beyond the hilly landscapes of Ginger Island will spy the Baths on Virgin Gorda – these natural Jacuzzis filled with seawater that will certainly be a hit with both kids and adults. After a fairly complex trail, you will find colorful groves and dramatic granite boulders reaching from the sea up to the clear sky. Stop for lunch at The Rock Café Treehouse and then head to Devil’s Bay National Park to lose yourself amidst a labyrinth of rocks.
In the afternoon, discover the ruins of the 19th century Copper Mine and end your day with a flavorful dinner at CocoMaya.

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