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Corsica / Sardinia

A short but intensive itinerary that will bring you across two of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 1


Perched impressively high, overlooking the waters, the town of Bonifacio offers a spectacular arrival by yacht; a narrow entrance hidden at the foot of the cliffs leads into the harbour. The town has many restaurants, bars and nearby Sperone Golf Club. On its limestone pedestal, Bonifacio is one of the most spectacular towns in the Mediterranean. The citadel walls and ancient houses appear to rise seamlessly out of sheer cliffs that have been hollowed by the wind and waves.

Day 2


The seven islands are what remains of the land that once joined Corsica and Sardinia. This area has since been declared a national park. The Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena and is well worth a visit. La Maddalena is the largest town in the Madeline Archipelago, sitting in the Straits of Bonifacio. The island of Maddalena is renowned for its beaches. It is also characterized by rocky granitic terrain and has some ancient fortifications.

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Day 3

Porto cervo

Originally a small fishing village, Porto Cervo is now a fashionable destination with beautiful villas and luxury hotels. In its center, an old port and glitzy marina are the focus of activity, as are its Mediterranean-style shops and restaurants. Porto Cervo is the main center of the Costa Smeralda, created by Prince Karim Aga Khan and other investors. Porto Cervo is definitely the place to see as the harbour is filled with yachts and the European elite.

Day 4


The Bay of the Fox’ is a deep bay, well protected and surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches. It is actually a satellite of Porto Cervo to its immediate north. Its crowning feature is the spectacular five star “Hotel Cala di Volpe” at the end of the bay, overlooked by the Pevero Golf Course. The Cala di Volpe resort is arguably the grandest in all of Sardinia and the beach lies in a sheltered bay. The hotel, featured in “The Spy Who Loved Me”, is listed at number 7 on World’s 15 most expensive hotel suites complied by CNN GO in 2012.

Day 5


You can find one of the most amazing landscapes on Tavolara overlooking the sea, as there are restrictions on construction activities in this region. From a distance, the island seems as if a massive limestone is springing out of the sea. Tavolara is one of the fascinating islands along the Sardinian region where you can find nature’s beauty at its best with sandy beaches and bays along with the seashore.

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