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Galapagos Islands

Sample Charter Itinerary in the Galapagos Islands

Day 1


Your remarkable trip will begin in Punta Espinoza (Fernandina Island).Visit the youngest and most pristine island of the archipelago, Fernandina, one of many visitors’ all-time favorites. Punta Espinoza has an amazing combination of barrenness and abundant wildlife. Highlights include hawks, penguins, flightless cormorants and astounding views of the surrounding volcanic landscapes. In the afternoon, sail to Punta Vicente Roca (Isabela Island).
Enjoy its abundant wildlife and, depending on the conditions of the ocean, snorkel along the cliffs, hopefully in the company of green sea turtles.

Day 2

North Seymour Island

Head to North Seymour Island. Its name was given after an English nobleman, Lord Hugh Seymour; it has an area of 1.9 square kilometers; and a maximum altitude of 28 meters. Just north of the Baltra Airport is the small islet of North Seymour which was created by seismic uplift, rather than being of volcanic origin.
North Seymour is an extraordinary place for breeding birds, and is home to one of the largest populations of nesting blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds. Pairs of blue-footed boobies can be seen conducting their mating ritual as they offer each other gifts, whistle and honk, stretch their necks towards the sky, spread their wings, and dance showing off their bright blue feet.

Day 3


On the third day of your trip, sail towards Pitt Point. Located at the east end of San Cristóbal Island. The trail includes an olivine beach of approximately 90 meters and a trail that ascends to the top of a volcanic tuff hill passing through several natural viewpoint.
This is the only site in the Galapagos Islands, where you can watch the three species of boobies and 2 species of frigates nesting in the same area.

Day 4


On the fourth day of your trip, head to Witch Hill. Located on the northern coast, this eroded hill and its surroundings present one of the most picturesque beaches in the Galápagos with its white powdery sand and the abundance of animals. Wildlife includes sea turtles, rays, and various types of booby birds. The clear water provides an excellent opportunity for enjoying swimming and snorkeling.

Day 5


Located west of the Española Island, Suarez Point is known as one of the older islands, with an estimated age of 3.3 million years.
Albatrosses, marine iguanas, the Galapagos hawk, a variety of mockingbird, lava lizards, and Darwin’s finches are present in Española from April to November or December and are considered endemic to this island. Besides the wildlife on this island, a major attraction is El Soplador (a blowhole), located on a cliff.

Day 6


On the sixth day of your journey, make your way to Cormorant Point. Located on the north Coast of Floreana Island, the 720 meter trail leads to a viewing site above a lagoon where you can observe a large colony of Flamingo.
The same path will end in a white sand beach which is a nesting area for sea turtles, rays, and sea turtles, therefore do not miss the opportunity to play with them or maybe take a couple of underwater photos.

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