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Sample Charter Itinerary in the Red Sea

Day 1

NEOM tour: Sindalah Marine Sanctuary

After arriving at Neom airport, why not start your charter vacation in style by transferring by helicopter from here to the nearby Sindalah island to join your yacht?
After a welcome drink, relax, settle in and enjoy a dip in the turquoise water before setting off to visit the island’s artisan villages. Enjoy an update on the NEOM project and sign a pledge to project the wildlife and the region during your trip. Cruise to Sindalah Marine Sanctuary. Desert island exploring & unique beach experience of archaeological artefacts by DMC awaits.

Day 2

NEOM tour: Georgios G. Shipwreck and Wadi Tayyb-Esm

The hidden gem of Saudi Arabia - Georgios G shipwreck is best known for being one of the best places to dive in the northern parts of the Kingdom. It is a half-sunken shipwreck with a stunning beach and mountain backdrop. The “The Titanic of Saudi Arabia” was built in England and ran into the reef in 1978. This area is famous for clear water, moray eels, lionfish, barracudas, sand tiger sharks, and garden eels. Later on explore Wadi Tayyib, one of the magical natural wonders of Saudi Arabia, and walk down the scenic route down the canyon.

Day 3

NEOM Tour: Yuba’s Coral

Spend the third day of your trip island-hopping and soaking in the sun on the white sand beaches of Shusha Island - the perfect location for snorkelling. Explore the nearby point B in Yuba Island for the best snorkelling and diving experience. In the evening, travel to Om Thalajah sand bar for a magical sunset dinner.

Day 4


Be among the first to access the “Maldives of the Red Sea”. Stop at untouched islands off the exquisite Umluj. Explore these wild shores, learn about the conservation projects in the area and enjoy an exclusive picnic in paradise. North of the town, travelers can venture to more than 100 small islands known for their egg-white sands and ancient swaying palms, and home to a gentle technicolor world of nudibranchs, turtles and dugongs living in the aquarium-like waters. The beach at Umluj is postcard-pretty, but the main attraction is taking a boat to islands like Jabal Hassan, or relaxing at palm-covered coastal beaches such as Ras Al Shaaban and Doqm. From town, it’s possible to tour nearby mango farms or travel about an hour inland to Harrat Lunayyir. Here, discover a curious black lava field of craters and cones, which feels a world away from the dunes and turquoise waters of the coast.

Day 5

Al Ula and Maraya

Located in north-western Saudi Arabia, Al Ula is cradled in a spectacular valley with palm groves running through its centre and sandstone cliffs surrounding it. Dating to pre-Islamic times, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO location is the largest preserved site of the Nabatean civilisation. Tour more than 100 well-preserved tombs with elaborate facades cut into the rock.
After head towards the magnificent Maraya Concert Hall which has set a Guinness record for the largest mirrored building in the world. Maraya (meaning mirrors in Arabic) has been dubbed the “mirrored wonder” due to the giant sheets of glass attached to its structure, which reflect Al Ula’s breathtaking landscape.

Day 6


Commonly known to locals as the ``Spring by the Sea``, Yanbu is a popular destination and is known throughout the region for its miles of beautiful beaches, water sports and aquatic landscape. The city of Yanbu played an important role in the development of Saudi Arabia and was once a very famous port. One of the nicest and quietest beaches in the country, Yanbu Beach offers visitors a perfect escape from the city. Experience scuba diving, sailing, fishing, jet skiing and much more. Or take a break from the action and find several picnic areas or places to take a long stroll. Although large stretches of the waterfront are covered in stone or cement that slopes down to the water, there are several places where you can enter the water for a swim or snorkel.

Day 7


Spend the last day of your magical trip in Jeddah, the main Saudi seaport on the Red Sea. The city’s architecture is a mixture of ancient mud houses, historic souks that sell everything from automobiles parts to the best chocolates imaginable, and multiple shopping malls with the latest designer products. Add this to the 30 km boardwalk – The Corniche - along the Red Sea, and you have a city which is exotic and yes, romantic.
In addition to scuba diving (some say, the best in the world), there are a large number of recreational options: desert hiking and desert camping trips, tennis, team sports (e.g., baseball, soccer, rugby, cricket, etc.), swimming, horseback riding, etc.

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