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Maltese Islands

Sample charter itinerary in the Maltese Islands.

Day 1


Arrival into Malta at Grand Harbour Marina, Vittoriosa, a world-class luxury marina set against the glorious scenic background of a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Malta has been fought over for thousands of years, has temples that pre-date the pyramids at Giza and Stonehenge, has some of the clearest waters in the world, and boasts a capital city that is a baroque masterpiece. Like Croatia of 20 years ago, Malta has just now become a newly discovered travel destination for the cultural enthusiast and not as a second thought. The Maltese Islands, although small in size, offers travelers a rare opportunity to see a well preserved history and exciting present day culture.

Day 2

Valletta Experiences

Valletta was built by the Knights of St.John after the Great Siege of Malta by the Ottomans in 1565. It is the fortified city that was said to be ``Built by gentlemen for gentlemen``.
It boasts over 320 monuments in a 2 square mile radius, is a Baroque capital and is being recognized as the European Capital of Culture in 2018.
You'll love what's in store within its main gates - a great mix of history and present day lively culture.
Below are some of the included experiences in addition to meandering the main and back streets to discover Valletta`s very interesting history.

Day 3

Nobility to farmers

Today you will learn about the Nobility of the Island lived in the Medieval Period within the first Capital City of the Island. Bustling with both Christian and Jews Medina was flourishing in trade and commerce during the 14th Century prior to the Spanish Inquisition. Later you will meet several artisans and Farmers where you will learn, see and taste the Fruits of their Labour.

Day 4

Western and Southern Coast

Ta’ Betta Wine Estate comprises of 4 hectares of terraced land situated circa 200 meters above sea-level in an area known as the Contrada ta’Brija in Girgenti limits of Siiewi, Malta. There are circa 15,000 vines planted on site and around 200 olive trees apart from fig trees, carob trees and miscellaneous indigenous Maltese flora.
Marsaxlokk is known as the biggest fishing port of Malta. The coloured boats in the port are called ``Luzzu`` and are the Maltese traditional boats. They have small eyes painted on their bow, supposed to protect and bring good luck to the fishermen.

Day 5

Comino Island

Set sail along the coastline of Malta onward to Comino where you will enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean and enjoying a nice lunch on board. As the sun begins to set get ready for your romantic sunset dinner; this is a night to remember. In the morning, wake up to tranquility and enjoy Crystal Lagoon all to yourself.
At the Blue Lagoon at Comino Island you find crystal clear waters reflecting the blue skies. Your day will include a stop here as well as many other areas. Your crew will ensure you have marvelous day!

Day 6

Gozo Island

Welcome to lovely Gozo - Malta's sister island. You can think of Gozo as Malta's Sicily.
The island only has a population of approximately 40,000 yet 11 different dialects can be detected here. Add to that large swaths of land, a gorgeous coastline and a more relaxed way of life. You're going to love Gozo!

Day 7

Optional: Scuba Diving of Gozo Island

The Maltese Islands' clear blue Mediterranean sea is ideal for scuba diving. All three Islands offer some unique diving experiences with an abundance of reefs, caves and wrecks that make diving here some of the most interesting in the Mediterranean.

Day 7 Bis

Optional: A Day with the Chef on Gozo Island

Your day will be a special one. Meet one of our Gozitan chef's as he guides you through the villages and coastal areas to gather food for a cooking experience.
Engage with him in conversation about
Maltese and Gozitan cuisine while enjoying local wine as you prepare your lunch with him.

Day 8

Departure day

Today you depart our wonderful Islands. We hope that Malta measured up to your expectations and more. Safe travels and we hope to see you again. A Private transfer will take you to the airport.

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