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Whitsunday islands

Enjoy the luxury of the island at its fullest, head straight to Whitehaven Beach. As one of the most popular draws to the island, this beach is everything you imagine it to be.

Day 1

Whitsunday islands

Your marvelous trip will begin in Whitsunday Island, the largest of the Whitsuday archipelago, named by Captain Cook himself in 1770. To enjoy the luxury of the island at its fullest, head straight to Whitehaven Beach. As one of the most popular draws to the island, this beach is everything you imagine it to be. The glorious soft white sand is inviting and warm and is perfect for an afternoon of pure relaxation. At 7 kilometers long, the beach gives you plenty of space to set up your own spot for the day so you can enjoy the view in peace .
To cool off, you can take your first dive of the trip to the Heart Reef round the coast. There are some fast moving currents so less experienced divers are advised to stay closer to the surface.

Day 2


On the second day of your journey, enjoy the war breeze as you charter past Hook Island to the five star resort on Hayman Island. Being at the most northern point of the Whitsunday Islands, this resort is out of the way and the highest level of indulgence you can find. For something unique and truly special book an Ocean Dreaming massage at the spa.
While on the island, enjoy the quiet, pristine beaches and pretty scenery before dining under the stars at the chef’s table at the resort. Choose from a delicious selection of courses and enjoy a glass of something bubbly before retiring for the night on your charter.

Day 3

Hook Island

Being largely covered by the boundaries of the Whitsunday Islands National Park, the views on this island are spectacular. This island is almost uninhabited so most of the scenery is completely untouched. If you love to see some culture and history, make time to visit the caves dotted around the island. These locations are archaeological sites which date back to when the Ngaro people habited the island from 7000 BC.
Travelling around to the Nara inlet you will see the oldest indications of the Aborigine presence in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Chartering past the Nara inlet to the northern coast, you will be in the perfect location to witness the coral reefs below.

Day 4

Border island

Continuing your journey around the eastern side of the Whitsunday Islands, your next port of call is Border Island. Being one of the closest islands to the Great Barrier Reef, this is one of the top three diving locations in the Whitsundays. On arrival, sink your toes into the protected beaches before beginning your climb through the luscious greenery of the eucalyptus trees.
Gaze around at the dense forestry as you emerge at the highest peak of the island to see the incredible panoramic view. Back at sea level, adorn your snorkeling equipment, take the plunge into the cool waters, and look around for angelfish, reef sharks, rays and red snappers.

Day 5


A very short distance from the popular Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, Haselwood Island also sports some natural beauty spots, the most sought – after spot being the Chalkies Beach for its luxurious with white sand that is ideal for a picnic. Moving on to Maher Island, there are some lovely natural caves to see. This island is much smaller than many of the other nearby but it does not mean that the beauty is less incredible.
Less popular than other surrounding islands, you experience more isolation to enjoy the peace and tranquility at your own pace. Finish off the day by dining on your charter and watching the beautiful sunset.

Day 6

Hamilton island

On the sixth day of your journey visit Hamilton Island. Winner of awards deeming it one of the most desirable island getaways in the world, this island offers a great experience thanks to its many amenities Relax on the palm – fringed sands of Catseye Beach before gathering the stamina and strength to climb Passage Peak to witness Hamilton Island in all its panoramic glory. Like all the other islands in the archipelago there are adventures to be had underneath the water’s surface.
Snorkeling the turquoise waters you will see thousands of brightly colored marine fish and equally as vibrant coral displays. Moving further out to sea keep your eyes open to catch a glimpse of some whales.

Day 7

Long Island

Before saying goodbye to the Whitsunday Islands, make one last stop at Long Island to take one last look at paradise before returning to reality. The majority of Long Island is protected within the national park so you are guaranteed to see some staggering beauty on this island.
Walking through the rainforest, there are hundreds of lush green trees providing a canopy from the warm sun. The native flora and fauna create an impeccable backdrop for some last holiday photographs and an enjoyable day of peace, solitude and pure relaxation.

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