Yacht Management | Royal Yacht International

Annoying daily matters can spoil the pleasurable experiences onboard your yacht, so, get rid of these nuisances today! For every single service we offer, our global network of brokers will take on these troublesome issues for you, with only one single purpose at hand: to make your life aboard carefree and enjoyable. For this reason, Royal Yacht International offers yacht management services to our discerning yacht Owners.

Crew Management

Royal Yacht International provides suitably qualified yacht crew for your Vessel as required by the Owner in accordance with the STCW 95, MLC 2006 and flag state requirements, to the following functions:

  1. Selecting and engaging the yacht crew, including payroll arrangements, pension with administration and insurances.
  2. Training the Vessel’s Crew, with a safety & security program, in conjunction VT Flagship and MCA;
  3. Ensuring that all applicable law requirements of the law of the Vessel’s flag are satisfied in respect of manning levels, rank, qualification and certification of the Crew and employment regulations including Crew’s tax, social insurance, discipline and other requirements;
  4. Ensuring that all crew members have passed a maritime medical examination.
  5. Ensuring that the yacht crew shall have a command of the English language (or other language required) of a sufficient standard to enable them to perform their duties safely;

Technical Yacht Management

Royal Yacht International provides technical management to the following functions:

  1. Maintenance and technical follow-up in accordance with engineers and/or Yacht manager to anticipate incidents during periods of use, working alongside with crew members and Captains;
  2. Provision of competent personnel to supervise the maintenance and general efficiency of the Vessel;
  3. Arrangement and supervision of warranty work, dry docking, repairs, alterations and the upkeep of the Vessel to the standards required by the Owner;
  4. Arrangement of the supply of necessary stores, spares, oil and fuel;
  5. Arrangement of general equipment, Tender and Water sports;
  6. Appointment of surveyors and technical consultants when necessary.

Accounting Services

Royal Yacht International will:

  1. Establish an accounting system which meets the Owner ‘requirements and provide a monthly report with details and all corresponding supporting documents as well as records which shall include the preparation and presentation to the Owner of an annual budget (incomes and outcomes) submitted and approved by himself;
  2. Maintain the records of all cost and expenditure occurred;
  3. Keep accounting in accordance with the legislation requirement,
  4. Inform the Owner about tax obligations,
  5. Provide a full support to the Owner on legislative requirements including domiciliation and class of the Vessel.

Bunkering and provisions

Royal Yacht International will:

  1. Arrange for the provision of fuel around the world, respecting tax status;
  2. Arrange for the supply of provisions.